Examples of past work

Testimonials from past clients
Whoa holy shit. You made the men cry. Wow. This [mix] sounds amazing. You've given us new inspiration.
Mimi (Magnolia Collective)
Wow. These masters are spectacular. I don't hear anything that needs to be revised. The other members of the project seem to feel this way, too. The tunes are really kickin' now!! Thanks for lending us your sharp ears. Could I ask you to go through what you did with me? I'm incredibly impressed and am dying to know lol.
Saman (Turkish Gold Standard)
I had not thanked you enough for the amazing job you did with my songs. Every time here and there I notice some little detail you inputed in the songs I hadn't noticed before. Lots and lots of details that really made a difference.
Kaio (Barbante El├ętrico)
Your beautiful mixes and your help and support throughout this long gestation period truly made a huge impact on this album and, honestly, I think the songs you worked on are some of the very best on the album and will be loved by my fans, friends, and family.
Emily Bezar
Greg. Shit you fucker. These sound sooooo great.
Ryan (Silkworm Sound)
I had a song I needed mixed and Greg was awesome! Excellent communicator with a great understanding of story and how to use the mix to really bring it to life. He took my aesthetic and integrated it with his own to really make the mix sparkle. He also had a great understanding of how to balance the intricacies of a song with the broader, bigger picture of how it will be consumed. All of that combined with kindness and a superb ear made for a great experience. I highly recommend!
Stephen P Chesley
Greg mastered our first album and we will be back for more. He did a great job in working with us and the final versions turned out better than we could have ever thought. We are beyond impressed with the job that he did.
Drew (The Natural Villains)
Thanks so much for the work you did on the masters. I love it!
Nathan Evans Fox
Great ears, respect of the music, great critiques and subtle choices. At the end, my track has improved a lot in term of sound and artistic construction. I would strongly recommend working with Neon Audio.
Marco Domeniconi
Has been a great journey working with Neon Audio! Went through several revisions to achieve really amazing work. A perfectionist and goes to great lengths to ensure quality results! Thank you so much for the dedication and tireless effort put into my project.
Nasi (Circuit Dreams)